Here are some of our most popular courses currently:

  • A complete Guide to Learning ChatGPT 4, Midjourney, DALL-E 2, and AI
  • Useful Phython
  • React JS Masterclass: Zero To Job Ready With 10 Projects
  • Javascript Fundamentals
  • and more!

We currently have over 700+ courses and are constantly adding new content to the library. With 17,000+ Premium members and over 266,500 forum members, you’ll be sure to find a home here at SitePoint Premium to grow your skills and career.

No matter how you learn, there’s a resource for you.
SitePoint Premium caters to a range of learning styles. We offer video courses, books, tutorials, and even friendly forums where you can throw yourself into some code and get help to make it work.

Our video courses take you deep into each topic, with easy-to-follow lessons presented by experts in their field. You have plenty of time to practice and review what you’ve learned and ask questions, and we provide comprehensive support materials like code samples and repositories with each lesson.

Our books walk you step-by-step through each topic, covering everything you need to achieve mastery and work at a professional level. You can read our books right on your computer, with all the advantages of the Web platform, such as bookmarking and in-page search.

Our tutorials cover bite-sized topics in depth, so you don’t have to wade through a book or course if you just want to get the skinny on a specific aspect of a technology. These high-powered tutorials are expertly crafted and exclusive to SitePoint Premium members.

Gain access to a library of video courses and tech talks.
We bring the Web’s best tech talks to you. There’s a huge amount of innovation happening on the Web, with expert conferences and talks happening across the world. To save you having to search for them yourself, we bring them right to your SitePoint Premium library.

Browse our collection of hot new videos from the best speakers at the best conferences in the world.

Access a diverse range of web development and related skills in one place.
Expand your horizons. Our comprehensive library provides a one-stop location for all your web development learning. Add to your core skills by learning about time and project management, Agile workflows, interview strategies, and other technologies that will complement your area of expertise and make you more adaptable to change in this dynamic industry.

Delve into usability, accessibility, inclusivity, the art of innovation, journey mapping, freelancing, running a successful business, innovation, running a side hustle, outsourcing, flipping sites, marketing, SEO, and (of course) a whole lot more!

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