Oppflow is a content marketing suite that can produce blogs and social media posts in less time, with the help of AI.

Write blogs and social media posts with AI, reducing hours of researching, writing, and editing to just a couple minutes of work.

You can create content that’s brand-specific simply by entering some info about your business, tone of voice, and content marketing goals.

You’ll be able to generate content in over 15 languages in a single click, without entering any extra prompts or worrying about plagiarism.

Content generator
Generate brand-relevant content on any topic at record speeds.
Oppflow lets you create automated workflows for different platforms to eliminate manual processes and run your publishing on autopilot.

You can assign team members to workflows to keep everyone organized and on task—no more scrambling to get things done.

Each team member can be assigned custom roles within workflows, letting your best talent focus on what they do best.

Automated workflows
Create automated workflows with custom roles for each platform.
With Oppflow, you can publish content by connecting your blog and social media accounts to the platform.

You’ll be able to plan and schedule your content using built-in tools to stay ahead of your content calendar.

You can also view all upcoming posts in calendar or list view to get a quick glance at what’s going live soon.

Content calendar
Manage your content schedule right from the platform.
Get a complete overview of your content output from the main dashboard, so you can analyze and optimize your marketing strategy.

This platform generates a summary of the content pieces that are currently in process, finished, and ready to publish.

Plus, you’ll be able to see your overall content distribution across platforms, which can help you decide which platforms you should be targeting.

Get a quick overview of your content marketing from the main dashboard.
With the right content tool, you can take care of unlimited birds with one stone. (Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the creation of this content.)

Oppflow streamlines the entire content marketing process with the help of AI, automated workflows, and built-in scheduling.

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