Pinghome is an uptime monitoring and incident management platform that helps online businesses stay online.

With tailored API monitoring, you’ll be able to personalize your experience by setting conditions for REST APIs and validating JSON responses.

Choose from a variety of monitoring tools to stay on top of the status of your resources and website performance.

You can monitor a combination of resources, including uptime, keywords, JSON response, and ping monitoring.

Pinghome even lets you configure monitoring options for any scenario—from basic to advanced—like grace periods, authorization, and scheduled maintenance.

Monitoring options
Take advantage of monitoring options for any scenario, including grace periods and scheduled maintenance.
With Pinghome, you can assign resources to different teams with unique parameters, letting you use the platform across your organization.

You’ll receive monitoring alerts across multiple channels, including Discord, Teams, Slack, and email.

The platform also supports push notifications to mobile so your team can be alerted of issues in real time.

Plus, you can integrate with hundreds of apps via Zapier to unlock even more personalized notification options.

Monitor your website or APIs with real-time alerts via Discord, Teams, Slack, and more.
With Pinghome, you can check resource response times for specific time periods, from the last hour to the last week.

You can gather regional data to monitor response times across the globe, ensuring every customer has a smooth user experience.

That way, you’ll be able to pinpoint which servers are experiencing latency and address those issues right away.

Find low-performing times and regions with detailed monitoring statistics.
Get historical data metrics about your resources so you can take precautions and keep your website operation uninterrupted.

You can also set up automatic SSL and domain renewal reminders via email to avoid potential downtime.

Now you’ll have your performance bases covered and can rest assured your website is responding for every user.

Detailed statistics
Stay ahead of potential incidents and avoid downtime.
The right monitoring tool will always tell you when something’s wrong (just like that one friend with a big mouth and good intentions).

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