Wobb is an influencer marketing platform that lets you access over 250 million influencers and manage campaigns across social channels.

Wobb lets you explore a database of over 250 million influencers across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

You can do a deep dive into audience demographics, fake follower counts, and interests for each influencer.

Find the perfect influencer match for your campaign by filtering your search by criteria like location, partnerships, and engagement rates.

From there, you’ll be able to send personalized invites directly through the platform, connecting you with thousands of relevant influencers without any middlemen.

Influencer database
Connect with thousands of influencers through a vetted database.
With Wobb, you can call for influencer applications simply by posting your campaign in the creator marketplace.

Outline your campaign goals, expectations, and budget to let the perfect creators come to you—without any limits or fees for applications.

Once the applications start rolling in, you’ll be able to shortlist and hire influencers whose content and style resonate with your brand.

Even better, you can start unique chats for every campaign to connect and collaborate with influencers as a group or one-on-one.

Campaign brief
Post your campaign brief and call for influencer applications.
Thanks to Wobb’s all-in-one dashboard, it’s super easy to track, review, and approve campaign activities.

You’ll get real-time performance metrics like clicks, conversion rates, and sales to understand the impact of your campaigns.

Plus, you can identify the most effective content to drive maximum engagement for your brand.

And because you can invite team members to access your campaigns and export campaign reports, you’ll keep everyone in the loop.

Analytics dashboard
Get real-time, in-depth campaign analytics to help you make better business decisions.
Best of all, Wobb lets you automate influencer payout management, so you can focus on brand building without worrying about accounting.

Use a secure payment gateway to ensure every transaction is protected, no matter where in the world you’re transferring funds.

You can even set milestones for influencers and release specified payments when goals are met.

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