The Excel Mastery Bundle is a user-tailored tutorial series on Microsoft Excel with business-relevant courses designed to teach you what you need to know and nothing you don’t.

The Excel Mastery Bundle gives you everything you need to be an Excel pro, whether you’re a total newbie or you’ve been around the workbook a few times already.

That’s because this training tool is completely personalized to your knowledge, career, and goals, so you can skip the formalities and get on a need-to-know basis with Excel.

Lifetime Access to Excel Mastery Bundle
A smart filter backed by a machine learning algorithm figures out your comfort level with Excel and brings you right to the relevant modules.

You can even specify whether you’re looking for complete mastery on a specific topic or just want the Cliffnotes.

Lifetime Access to Excel Mastery Bundle
“The Accelerator” section is your handy little cram session.
While this thorough nine-course bundle covers the basics for beginners, Excel is so much more than data entry.

You’ll be able to learn intermediate Excel functions like popular formulas (whaddup, VLOOKUP), PivotTables, the art of the chart, and macros.

Lifetime Access to Excel Mastery Bundle
OK, but maybe you already knew all that stuff.

Level up even higher with advanced-level techniques, like automating your spreadsheets with macros and VBA (there are two great courses on this), so you can work smart, not hard.

Wherever your knowledge gaps are, Excel with Business has you covered with courses like Microsoft PivotTable, Microsoft VBA, Data Analysis In Excel, and Excel For Accountants, all wrapped up in this neat bundle.

Lifetime Access to Excel Mastery Bundle
We know just sitting through videos is a snoozefest.

The Excel Mastery Bundle gets interactive with practice tasks and knowledge checks that help you learn by actually doing.

As you complete sections, you’ll be able to track your improvement, test your skills, and even acquire certificates, which can be used to prove you’re actually proficient in Excel.

Lifetime Access to Excel Mastery Bundle
With over 1 million people taught, accountants, marketers, and office workers everywhere owe their Excel knowledge to Excel with Business.