Magic Form lets you build and train an AI-powered sales assistant to improve and automate your customer journey.

Teach an AI-powered sales rep all about your business, so it’s always on the ball when talking to your customers.

You can train the AI on documents and URLs, and edit your chatbot’s source knowledge with anything that isn’t covered in your knowledge base.

MagicForm lets you review your chatbot’s recent conversation history to spot issues like inaccurate or hallucinatory responses.

When you click on responses, you can also see what information your chatbot is referencing and make sure it’s providing relevant support.

Conversation history
Maintain your chatbot’s knowledge base so customers get relevant support every time.
Connect your chatbot to Gmail to follow up with leads automatically and guide them through the next steps of the customer journey.

You can build entire email sequences for lead outreach, drive them to your website, and start converting them into paying customers.

Simply enter a prompt for each step, and the AI will generate a personalized email with the details from that prospect’s conversation.

Email follow-up
Automate your lead follow-up by letting your chatbot send personalized emails.
With automated follow-ups and lead management built-in, you’ll never have to worry about leads falling through the cracks.

You can view all your active leads and follow their customer journey from one dashboard that shows you what action is next and when it’s due.

You can also integrate MagicForm with other apps via Zapier to accomplish even more, like passing lead info to your enterprise CRM.

Customer Journey dashboard
See all your active leads and follow their customer journey.
Best of all, you’ll be able to white label everything and add your branding to make it look like an in-house tool.

You can add a custom domain via CNAME to power customer interactions through MagicForm right on your website.

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