Eesel AI lets you connect your documents with ChatGPT to build an oracle that can answer questions about your company.

With eesel AI, you can create a “company oracle” for your team that can accurately answer questions about company procedures.

You’ll even be able to integrate the chatbot with Slack so anyone can ask questions just by tagging the bot.

That means you can create an AI-powered chatbot in minutes that knows your procedures for everything from internal onboarding to customer support.

Slack Integration
Create a “company oracle” you can message in Slack to ask questions.
It’s a cinch to train the chatbot on your company’s internal documentation with eesel AI’s Chrome extension.

The bot can pull information directly from your company’s tools and apps, including Confluence, Notion, and Google Docs.

All you have to do is open the page on your browser, click the Chrome extension, and your chatbot absorbs the information in seconds.

Best of all, you’ll be able to see all the knowledge you’ve collected on the knowledge dashboard, so you know what your bot is basing its responses on.

Chatbot knowledge
Expand your chatbot’s knowledge base with internal documents.
You can also scrape information from your website, Intercom, or Zendesk to expand your chatbot’s knowledge with publicly available data.

This scraper works even on JavaScript websites that would often break similar tools so you don’t have to worry about manually entering information.

And because your bot will always cite the source of its information, you can verify its accuracy and read more right from the chat.

Web Scraper
Scrape public links for more knowledge to train your chatbot.
Embed your chatbot to your website to answer customer support questions, freeing up your team to focus on other business matters.

You’ll be able to share your chatbot as a floating widget, page embed, or direct link, which means it’ll literally be right at your customers’ fingertips.

Plus, you can customize the look of your chat window to match your branding and provide a cohesive user experience.

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