Kuasa is an all-in-one CRM that helps you automate sales funnels and outreach campaigns across email, WhatsApp, and SMS.

Kuasa’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to design sales funnel pages, complete with custom content, images, colors, fonts, and more.

Not sure how the page will perform? You can A/B test landing pages to figure out which version converts the best.

Plus, you can build forms to capture leads before they leave your site and move them through your sales funnel easy peasy.

Drag-and-drop builder
Create a landing page with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder and A/B test your pages.
Kuasa lets you automate follow-up via email, SMS, and WhatsApp, as well as customize every message.

All you need to do is build simple automations to nurture leads until they’re primed and ready to hit that “Buy Now” button.

You’ll also be able to personalize messages based on their unique interests and behavior, increasing your chances of converting leads.

Follow-up automation
Build automations to automatically follow up with leads via email, SMS, and WhatsApp.
With Kuasa’s contact database, you’ll be able to organize and manage information like contact details and purchase history.

You can track interactions with custom notes to maintain a record of communication along with other important details.

Use a visual sales pipeline to monitor where your leads are in the funnel, so your team can jump on any high-intent opportunities.

Sales pipeline
Track and monitor your leads with a visual sales pipeline.
Kuasa also lets you send multimedia broadcast messages across multiple marketing channels at once.

You can set up various sequences that send messages out every five minutes, every hour, every three days, or every week.

Get real-time analytics reports for each platform to see which channels, campaigns, and messages are working for your audience.

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