Boardmix is an AI-powered collaborative whiteboard that helps teams express their ideas visually for better communication and productivity.

Supercharge your whiteboard sessions with integrated AI that can help with any type of task.

Boardmix lets you visualize your ideas with AI prompts to generate images, mind maps, flow charts, and entire presentations in just seconds.

And because you can create a business model canvas, SWOT analysis, or user journey maps for your industry or competitors, you’ll be able to make business decisions faster.

AI Assistant
Use a powerful AI assistant to speed up your whiteboard sessions.
Boardmix lets you collaborate simultaneously with up to 500 people, making it easy for your team to pitch ideas during brainstorming sessions.

Users can mention teammates, leave comments, and add emojis to communicate with each other and move projects along.

The platform also supports real-time viewing for over 1,000 individuals, so you can share your ideas with a growing remote audience.

Collaborate with up to 500 people so everybody can pitch in.
Boardmix supports tons of visual formats including mind maps, flow charts, sticky notes, and drawings that capture your ideas.

You’ll be able to organize your work with support for kanban boards to help keep everyone in the loop about task statuses.

Plus, this tool is packed with a library of plug-ins, resources, and templates you can use to match any potential use case.

Visual Content
Enjoy an integrated toolkit that supports a wide range of visual content.
Best of all, Boardmix can be used as a digital asset management platform because it supports so many file types.

You can upload text, photos, videos, and documents onto a board, giving you a centralized location for all your branding and project files.

It’s a breeze to embed your whiteboard onto a website or third-party app to share these files with people outside of your organization.

Digital Assets Management
Upload, store, and share your digital assets with dedicated boards.
Just because you can’t doodle well doesn’t mean you can’t communicate effectively with your team. (“No, that’s not a scribble. It’s our company life cycle.”)

With Boardmix, you get a collaborative whiteboard that makes it easy to share your ideas and boost your team’s creativity.

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