History Search is an incredibly useful online file system that helps you quickly find important articles, documents, emails, and other web pages.

History Search gives you multiple trails of breadcrumbs that lead you right back to the pages you need.

With automatic indexing, the text from any web page gets logged as you browse.

You’ll be able to find your way back to that Super Important Website just by entering the few keywords you can recall.

Lifetime Access to History Search
Do you remember the 21st night of September? History Search does.

You can search by time frame, get visual previews to help jog your memory, import your history, and search History Search directly from Google.

There’s also a super neat and helpful feature called Collections, which allows you to quickly group together websites and docs into a searchable folder. You can even open all sites in a Collection folder at once!

Whether you’re looking for a handy resource, help with a software error, or even your own online document from a site like Google Docs, History Search reunites you with the page you need.

Lifetime Access to History Search
Search and directly open your online documents within a pinch — just like you do with your offline files.
Meanwhile, History Search’s dynamic sorting feature categorizes search results by list or domain and lets you mark your favorite websites for quick and easy access.

History Search never ties you down either — the extension works with any browser.

When you’re on the go, you’ll be able to sync your favorites and history across any device or just log in to your account on historysearch.com from anywhere.

Lifetime Access to History Search
You can also export your data to CSV for analytics purposes.

Don’t worry if you clear your browsing history either, because this handy tool stores data separately and even lets you auto-erase browsing history as it gets stored to History Search.

History Search also gives you peace of mind when it comes to your security.

It’s totally GDPR-compliant, with private cloud storage, zero tracking on data input into forms, and the ability to pause the tool and blacklist specific URLs or webservice variations completely.

Lifetime Access to History Search
Innovative organizations like Github and MIT are using History Search to navigate their past browsing with ease. And who can blame them? History Search won the Life Hack of 2018 Award from Product Hunt (out of more than 12.000 nominated products!).

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