Comigo is a cognitive AI Assistant that can turn brain dumps into actionable tasks, increase overall focus, and provide mentorship.
Comigo lets you chat with the AI Voice Assistant as a friend or mentor, in order to improve your focus and confidence.

You’ll be able to ask real questions and get personalized advice from your new AI voice and text companion.

It can even create actionable tasks out of ideas, goals, and brain dumps, so staying organized doesn’t feel like a chore.

AI Voice and Text Companion
Chat with your own AI Voice Assistant for judgment-free advice and task planning.
Comigo’s AI Co-Brain is a digital coach that offers intelligent task planning, scheduling, sequencing, and prioritization, keeping you focused and effective.

Thanks to Focus Mode, you’ll be able to concentrate on a single task without stressing over the rest of your to-do list.

But if you’re interrupted, just let the AI Co-Brain know and it will automatically reschedule your tasks, so you’re not falling behind on projects.

You can also gamify your day with positive reinforcement and rewards to turn work into an opportunity for self-improvement.

AI Co-Brain
Use your own AI Co-Brain to complete tasks today and prepare for the days ahead.
ComigoAI was designed with ADHD folks in mind, which means you’ll get your own digital mentor.

You’ll be able to gain insights about your habits while tracking your progress and measuring improvement over time.

This self-training AI constantly evolves to help you make long-lasting changes, so you’re continually leveling up.

AI Cognitive Enhancement Model
Learn more about yourself and measure progress with the AI Cognitive Enhancement Model.
With all these AI-powered features packed into one awesome deal, you can finally change the way you work!

Now you’ll be able to improve focus, flow, and productivity while learning how to minimize your time blindness.

Comigo even breaks down projects and provides candid feedback on your ideas, just like a real coach or mentor would.

Productivity app
Get more done in our increasingly distracting world with this AI-powered productivity app.
You only have to fall into one TikTok rabbit hole to know it’s really easy to get distracted. (“And here I thought there was only one kind of ice.”)

Luckily, Comigo uses AI to help you stay focused, organized, and productive every day—whether you have ADHD or just need to get off your phone.

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