CloudSocial lets you publish, respond, manage, and analyze content across all your social media channels from one platform.

Start by getting the scoop on what’s relevant to your brand with the listening feature.

You can build search queries with multiple filters like language, author, and external links, plus use Boolean operators to find exactly what you want.

From there, sort those search results by shares, domain rank, ratings, and more to get to the good stuff.

There’s nothing like being a good listener (or so Dr. Phil says).

CloudSocial gives you detailed insights on your audience to help you plan future strategies, too.

You’ll get an inside look at consumer behavior across your social media channels, as well as find detailed analytics for individual social media handles.

Discover your total engagement, followers, impressions, and more in the easy-to-understand analytics charts.

Sentiment analysis even lets you find out if customers are happy, disappointed, or neutral about your brand by analyzing and collecting data from online mentions.

Easily use Omnibox as a support channel to respond to incoming comments, messages, and tweets, or customers can always send you an email for more detailed queries.

You can also apply various filters like ticket status, channel, and date range to make all that fan mail easier to handle.

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