Odeum offers a complete solution for launching a subscription video service with branded apps on every platform.

If you’re a yoga instructor, food guru, business coach, or any other kind of content creator that wants to monetize video, this is the platform you need to launch your subscription video service.

Odeum offers a complete solution with all the tools you need to publish and distribute video to any platform.

Every aspect of Odeum is brandable—meaning, you can customize your website and apps with your brand logo, images, labels, and colors.

With Odeum, you can manage video content, create pricing plans, configure apps, and control your branding all from one convenient dashboard.

Easily upload videos and spin them into playlists, channels, or series.

Then monitor your progress with robust analytics for subscriptions and viewing behavior.

Odeum also gives you a fully-branded website that’s hosted on your own domain with Chromecast support.

Deliver your content wherever your subscribers want it, so they can access your content on their own schedules.

Once your channel is ready to launch, the Odeum team builds and releases a complete set of native applications for iOS, Android, AppleTV, Android TV, Amazon Fire, FireTV, Roku, Chromecast, and web browsers.

Like all major streaming giants, Odeum allows subscribers to access your content on any app using the same subscription.

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