RECnGO is a pro livestream and recording studio app that lets you create multi-camera videos with iOS, Android, MacOS, and MILC devices.

With RECnGO, you can livestream and record videos using 12 devices at once, including Android, iOS, and MILC gadgets.

You’ll be able to create podcasts, workshops, and any event or sports streams using multiple angles, instead of a single camera.

Need to adjust your white balance? It’s easy to control that, along with the flash and zoom, for each device remotely.

Once you’re done recording, you can save the footage and sound for each camera angle in your studio device.

Studio devices
Use multiple devices like tablets, smartphones, and MILC cameras to create your own studio.
RECnGO also lets you insert logos and speaker names, so you can add more branding to your content.

Creating transitions is a breeze—just add B-roll, images, presentations, or your choice of transition and fade options.

If you like to stream live sports, you can put a smart scoreboard up on the screen to keep track of points in real time.

Visuals and overlays
Add smart scoreboards and unique overlays to keep your viewers engaged.
No matter how many mics are attached, you can use the audio mixer to modify and control the sound of each source independently.

And if someone’s too close to the mic, you’ll be able to mute or unmute microphones without leaving your seat.

RECnGO even lets you connect your external microphones and sound mixing desk, so you can make adjustments in real time.

Audio mixer
Use the in-app audio mixer to control and modify the audio of each device.
Best of all, RECnGO lets you stream to multiple destinations, like social and video platforms, your website, or a custom site.

You’ll be able to organize projects, make live edits, and integrate creative assets, saving you loads of time in post-production.

Plus, you can manage projects with the recording studio app on your iPhone, Android, and Huawei devices.

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