OneUptime is an open-source observability platform that lets you monitor your site and alert users with customizable status pages.

OneUptime gives you the real-time status of your website, app, APIs, and more so you’ll know exactly when any platform goes down.

It’s super easy to get started—just create a monitor and set the criteria like the filter conditions and monitoring interval.

You can even build public or private resources for your websites and give access permissions to the right team members in a few clicks.

Monitor all your digital resources like websites, apps, APIs, and IP addresses.
OneUptime makes it easy to create your own status pages and customize the colors, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript until it matches your site’s branding.

That means you can notify customers and stakeholders during downtime or maintenance sessions so they’re not inconvenienced.

And because this platform doesn’t charge per subscriber or status page user, you’ll be able to onboard your entire company without breaking the bank!

Status page
Build and customize real-time status pages that align with your branding.
Best of all, OneUptime can automatically detect downtime incidents and alert your team to resolve critical issues ASAP.

Customize incident severity by adding levels for data breaches or full outages so your team knows what to prioritize.

As your platforms undergo maintenance, you can also post updates to your status page, keeping your team and customers in the loop.

OneUptime gives you everything you need to collaborate and resolve incidents as they pop up.
Want to optimize your team’s availability? Schedule on-call shifts and define escalation rules to notify the right people based on the incident severity.

Team members can receive alerts through multiple channels including phone calls, SMS messages, emails, and push notifications.

Plus, you’ll be able to build workflows for incidents and connect OneUptime with over 5,000 apps for quick resolutions.

Workflow builder
Integrate with 5000+ products and services with the workflow builder.
Figuring out how to resolve downtime shouldn’t feel like you’re fighting an army of zombies. (“Let’s just split up and hope for the best.”)

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