Zoom.ai is an AI-powered meeting scheduler built to help you connect and book faster, so you can get back to focusing on your clients.

Zoom.ai handles all your 1:1, group, and video meetings for seamless scheduling.

It’s your helpful meeting assistant (think Pam Beesley, but it won’t leave you for art school.)

Using AI, Zoom.ai syncs with your calendars, requests meetings based on your availability, and sends automatic reminders to attendees — totally Dundie Award-worthy.

With Zoom.ai, you can share your own scheduling URL, giving your clients the ability to pick a meeting time based on your real-time availability.

Whether you’re meeting with multiple internal and external stakeholders, or having a cozy 1:1 with your work BFF, Zoom.ai finds the best time to meet based on the requirements that you set.

You can rest easy knowing that all your meetings will be booked as fast as possible.

Zoom.ai is compatible with Microsoft Teams, Google, Webex, and more.

So no matter which video conferencing platform is your fave, you’ll be able to connect Zoom.ai to auto-populate conferencing links in your scheduled meetings.

You can even embed a Zoom.ai scheduler directly on your website, turning visitors into qualified leads faster and replacing the need for a contact form on a sales contact page.

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