WPOnepager is a simple plugin for WordPress that helps you build landing pages and one-page sites faster.

Creating beautiful landing pages and one-page websites without complicated coding might seem as far-fetched as winning the lottery. But with WPOnepager, your dreams become reality.

WPOnepager is a WordPress plugin that is powerful and easy to use, with the ability to customize the look and feel.

With just a few clicks, you can build landing pages faster and start converting leads, promoting products, and more.

WPOnepager has a simple drag and drop function that makes creating layouts as easy as rearranging the apps on your phone.

With over 100 landing page templates and content blocks, you can customize landing pages to fit your needs.

Choose from 900+ Google fonts, customize the header and footer, and pick your own colors so your landing pages align with your logo and branding.

The templates work with any WordPress theme and use both HTML5 and CSS!

The WPOnepager plugin helps you quickly and easily announce new products, put up a “coming soon” page for a full website, announce an event, and more.

With full-screen templates that are versatile and fully responsive, creating great landing pages that look good on all devices has never been so easy.

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