WP User Frontend Pro is a user submission plugin that lets you easily offer guest posting, profile creation, and member dashboard capabilities on your WordPress site.

With WP User Frontend Pro, you can let your users build and manage their own profiles and content on your website.

Users can upload or change pictures, create personal bios, change the color and details of their personal dashboard, submit payments, and log in as they need.

WP User Frontend Pro provides everything from self-serve event registration to a membership/directory site.

All you have to do is select the right template, editable forms, and assorted fields for them to fill in. Oh, and did we mention you don’t have to be a developer?

Build drag-and-drop submission forms to make it easy for others to guest post on your site.

Just insert the required fields. Your users will fill in the rest, saving your team a lot of the typical back-and-forth emailing that occurs when people try to guest blog on your site.

A user can just submit their article, and all your team has to do is click publish or turn it down.

WP User Frontend Pro even enables you to implement a paid posting system so you can earn $$$ from your website while you sleep. (That money is going straight to my taco fund.)

WP User Frontend Pro also lets you add content restrictions and manage subscriber access to certain pages and posts to keep your WP backend secure.

Want to add a gate between certain users and your blog posts? Done.

Want to create paid and free versions of your course? You got it.

You can determine which pieces of content or web pages each site visitor is allowed to access.

With WP User Frontend Pro, create user directories to easily store data about each user.

View all users and their activity logs all in one place. You also have full control over who can access this page and who can’t.

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