WP Content Pilot Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically create and publish high-quality blog posts with your affiliate link.
Get up. Write a blog post. Publish. Sleep. Repeat.

Generating regular blog content every day can leave marketers and bloggers feeling like they are Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. (And while it might be great to be Bill Murray for one day, you wouldn’t want to spend that day writing a blog post.)

WP Content Pilot Pro makes generating relevant blog content easy by scanning the web for relevant keywords and automatically posting content from other sites onto your site as a blog post.

This plugin supports over 20 different campaigns, allowing you to pull content from the most popular platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and YouTube, while automatically inserting your affiliate link.

WP Content Pilot Pro offers support for most of the popular affiliate platforms.
With WP Content Pilot Pro, you can keep track of specific RSS feeds and automatically post content from that site to your site while importing the author, tags, categories, and featured image.

In addition to gathering content from websites, you can also re-publish content from social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, including full-sized images, videos, and links.

Want to mix it up with some visual content? WP Content Pilot Pro can also search YouTube for relevant videos and Flickr for images based on keywords and auto-publish them to your site.

This plugin helps you (affiliate marketers) maximize earnings by automatically posting product information from sites like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy to your blog along with affiliate links.

WP Content Pilot Pro allows you to curate content from over 20 widely used sources.
If you have visitors from different parts of the world, it can sometimes be difficult to communicate with them unless you hire a translator.

WP Content Pilot Pro allows you to translate curated blog content into any language as a way to improve engagement for site visitors from across the globe.

By using this plugin to automatically translate your blog content to different languages, you are able to create and publish meaningful content that resonates with your audience in their native tongue.

Translate to any language and become an international star.
The best blog posts are easy to read but are also written with a certain quality in mind. (Easier to understand than Shakespeare, but higher quality than National Enquirer.)

WP Content Pilot Pro makes it easy to find high-quality content that’s easy for readers to comprehend by including a readability score analysis that automatically rejects content below your chosen readability score.

WP Content Pilot Pro also offers a search and replace feature that allows you to search for specific phrases or text and replace it with common expressions that your visitors are more familiar with.

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