vooPlayer is a professional video hosting solution with a sophisticated suite of video marketing tools and analytics to help you grow your business with video.

VooPlayer lets you host your videos on its secure, cloud-based servers, or you can use any link from YouTube, Vimeo, AWS, Facebook and more. (No matter which way you go, vooPlayer is optimized for better playback and faster delivery on any device.)

Speaking of secure, your content will stay safe from thieves thanks to advanced HLS encryption, password protection, and domain and sharing restrictions.

You can also maintain brand identity by making sure your videos fit the design of your website with vooPlayer’s fully customizable interactive player. You can edit player colors, skin, and thumbnails so your videos look and feel exactly how you want them to.

Lifetime Access to vooPlayer
But vooPlayer is more than just a tool to store and play your videos. You can also generate leads and boost sales. How, you ask?

  • Frame and overlay your videos with perfectly timed CTAs to strike while the iron is hot
  • Grab attention and drive traffic by running “watch and win” contests
  • Add “timed buttons” with CTAs like “buy now” or “subscribe here” while your video plays
  • In addition to helping you convert, you’ll be able to obtain data on your videos like re-watches, drop-offs, interactions, location, and device used.

Using that data, you can run A/B split tests to be more effective and find out exactly what your audience wants.

Your fellow Sumo-lings have been growing with video using the vooPlayer Pro License, which includes:

Lifetime Access to vooPlayer
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