Volley is a QA solution that allows designers to provide instant visual feedback to ensure their designs are built successfully.

With Volley, you can quickly and easily capture feedback on any website—even staging sites.

Using the browser extension, you can leave notes and feedback pinpointed to specific design features and add attachments.

Volley renders pixel-perfect screenshots as part of the feedback, allowing for a better understanding of all comments. No more games of Telephone via email!

Notes are delivered to the selected workspace, and can also be automatically sent to Trello or Jira.

All your personal and team projects are stored on Volley’s central dashboard for easy access.

On the dashboard, you can create new projects or search, sort, edit, archive, share, and delete projects.

Archived projects will be removed from your view, but can still be restored later in case you need to come back to a project.

You know your collaborators have got opinions. (Maybe even too many re: pineapple on pizza.)

With Volley, it’s quick and easy to invite others to leave feedback and comments on a project.

By clicking share, you can collaborate on your projects with others who are also a part of the review process.

Guests will receive a sign-up form, which will instantly add the project to their dashboard upon signing up.

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