Vidthere is an easy-to-use full suite of tools for live, hybrid, and evergreen webinars, as well as zero-latency video meetings.

Vidthere helps you deliver live events that are memorable for all the right reasons.

With this web-based platform, you can create, schedule, and host webinars with ease, no technical skills required.

Start by choosing the type of event — recording, meeting, live webinar, or evergreen webinar — and you’re on your way to engaging with leads and customers in no time.

Plus, since there’s no software to install, viewers only need to click a link to enjoy your content.

Vidthere offers zero-latency video, a powerful chat feature, and support for unlimited presenters on co-presenter mode.

With webinar features like hybrid mode and video-in-video, you have all the tools you need to deliver killer presentations that keep your audience engaged.

You can host an unlimited number of guests on webinars and record live events for future viewing.

Vidthere also allows you to run automated webinars, complete with autoresponders and voice-to-text for SEO.

In addition to webinar tools, Vidthere also offers multi-mode video meetings for up to 25 attendees.

Meeting presenters can use their camera, screenshare, and video-in-video modesto deliver information live.

The convenient chat function makes it easy for attendees to engage and presenters to manage responses and provide quick links.

Plus, you’ll be able to quickly share and distribute a recording of the meeting video afterward.

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