is a messaging automation tool that lets you send personalized, multi-channel messages to improve customer engagement.

With, you can send automated message flows to onboard new users, upsell, request feedback, and much more.

Getting started is simple—just add a new user and input their email, phone, language, and timezone to start collecting data on their customer experiences.

From there, you’ll be able to create flows for your outreach, so you’re getting in touch with customers at the right time.

Plus, you can segment users, making it easy to identify and target specific user groups based on their actions, profiles, and activities.

Automated messaging flows
With, you can create automated messaging flows based on unique user data.
Thanks to, you’ll be able to send messages across multiple channels including email, in-app messages, and SMS.

The visual flow builder lets you create messaging sequences to engage users and build relationships that count—all without writing any code!

You can also automate messages by defining triggers, like entering a segment or performing an event to keep users moving through your sales funnel.

Multi-channel messaging
Communicate with users across multiple channels like email and SMS.
Got an international audience? This tool offers multi-language support for nearly 200 major languages, so you can literally speak their language.

And for every message you send, you’ll get a comprehensive look at results based on the account, message, and user level.

You can even use flow conditionals and delays to take your personalized message workflows to a whole other level.

User language
Send messages to your international audience using their preferred language. also lets you send automated messages based on unique timezones, helping it land in the user’s inbox at the right time.

Plus, you can react to user actions, data changes, and events, like sending a birthday greeting or reminding them that their subscription is up for renewal.

You’ll be able to automate messages based on B2B and B2C scenarios, including marketing, onboarding, and sending announcements.

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