Toddle is a code-free web app builder that helps non-technical entrepreneurs create scalable web apps like Airbnb, YouTube, or Slack.

Create web apps from scratch using a visual no-code builder that feels like you’re creating images in Canva.

That means you’ll be able to build minimum-viable products to test in the market without spending thousands of dollars in development costs.

You can jumpstart the process with customizable templates for popular app types like a weather app, calculator app, or a ChatGPT interface app.

This platform also offers robust version control to help you create, test, and experiment with changes before deployment.

No-code builder
Build stunning, fully functional apps in minutes with this visual no-code editor.
You can connect your app to any database or API as a backend to add useful information and functionality.

Integrate with popular tools and platforms like Xano, Airtable, Firebase, and sports APIs to create advanced apps in minutes.

And because toddle doesn’t store any data on the platform, you don’t have to worry about any info collected if your app falls into the wrong hands.

Connect to your favorite databases or APIs as a backend for information and functionality.
Best of all, you can embed toddle components on your website or app just by exporting your project into HTML.

These components contain advanced logic, connections to databases or APIs, and complex interactions to add powerful features.

You’ll also get access to a library of community-created components to help save time or peek into what advanced developers are whipping up.

Embed components
Enhance existing websites and web apps by embedding components made in toddle.
With toddle, you can customize the look and feel of your app with the ability to edit any visual element on your screen.

You’ll be able to apply styles and themes across your app, which helps maintain a cohesive visual style that suits your brand.

Since this platform supports collaboration with team members, it’s a cinch to bring in UX and UI experts to polish up your app.

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