SwiftReply lets you create unlimited canned responses, so your team can instantly reply to any customer or lead.

SwiftReply lets you create, manage, and share canned responses from any workspace in just one click—no integrations needed.

You can set up hotkeys to launch a searchable directory of all the canned templates that you create in any workspace.

This tool also integrates seamlessly with any ecommerce website, social media platform, or email provider. And it’s available on iOS and Android!

Canned responses
Set up hotkeys to quickly pull up the right canned response for any interaction.
Tailor responses using smart placeholders and variables, so you’re not stuck customizing every single detail for individual customers.

You’ll be able to customize the look of any variable, including custom variables or time and date variables.

With any variable, SwiftReply makes it easy to choose predetermined text and whip up responses in no time.

Set up dynamic variables that let you create personalized canned responses fast.
When you give sales teams quick access to saved responses, they’ll be able to streamline support and sales conversations.

That’s why SwiftReply lets you add unlimited team members to workspaces and share templates designed to boost response times.

You can even grant different user permissions for using, editing, and adding responses based on individual roles.

Shared workspaces
Share your workspaces and canned responses to keep your team on the same page.
Whether it’s a quote, proposal, or email, SwiftReply lets you customize any template with advanced formatting, colors, and links.

You’ll be able to create tags that sort templates and categorize them by theme or topic across multiple workspaces.

And since there are no storage limits, you can add unlimited images, tables, or videos to your canned responses.

Best of all, SwiftReply lets you access any template right from your phone and respond to customers across any channel.

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