Create live polls and access advanced presentation tools for real-time audience engagement by Swift Polling.

Swift Polling is a real-time audience engagement platform that allows you to collect important customer data, vote on decisions, and measure audience sentiment.

Captivating your audience and tracking their engagement just got way easier.

Whether you’re a teacher or a CEO, Swift Polling lets you create trivia, quizzes, Q&A, and live polls to encourage audience interaction.

You can design unlimited polls in various forms, including multiple choice, open-ended, and word cloud.

Swift Polling allows you to present with a single click and collect responses on any screen in real-time.

The simple PowerPoint and Google Slides integration allows you to embed live quizzes and polls directly into your presentation.

So unlike the couples on Love Is Blind, you don’t have to panic about compatibility issues popping up at the last minute.

Best of all, your audience can vote via web, while you collect and analyze responses via any mobile device connected to the internet. Easy peasy.

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