SmartVideo is an unbranded video host that offers super-fast and buffer-free playback, plus unlimited bandwidth, encoding, and storage.

SmartVideo knows your content should never lag behind.

At up to 12 times the load speeds other major video hosts, you can ensure a streamlined video experience for your users.

Since SmartVideo isn’t branded, focus stays on your content—no need to worry about distracting ads, related videos, or 3rd party logos siphoning off your visitors.

SmartVideo isn’t just quick on the draw, either.

With a 3% rebuffer rate, you can say goodbye to pauses in content.

Never treat site visitors like trespassers (“Get off my lawn, you darn kids!”) again, with videos that are primed for playback.

With SmartVideo, the vast majority of your visitors, 97% to be exact (#quickmath), will have criminally smooth playback.

Plus, real-time analytics let you know exactly how your videos are performing across all major web browsers.

SmartVideo makes setup super easy, too.

WordPress users get a handy plugin, complete with a widget that will have you inserting videos to your site with only a few clicks.

If you’re using another CMS, there’s a quick configuration wizard that will get you up and running with a JavaScript snippet in no time.

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