Superdense is a bookmark manager that organizes your favorite links on one compact, personalized homepage.

With Superdense, you can access bookmarks across any browser and device using one personalized homepage.

You can easily organize bookmarks into custom categories and drag-and-drop them anywhere on your page.

Plus, this tool loads favicons instead of text, which means you have way more space to display your bookmarks.

Bookmark manager
Keep your bookmarks organized in custom groups using your new Superdense homepage.
You can personalize your bookmarks homepage with custom designs, icons, images, and even a custom domain.

Superdense also offers a white-label option, so you’ll be able to showcase your branding and add your own logo.

Plus, you aren’t limited to use the default favicons or Superdense’s placeholder icons! Get creative and easily upload your own favicons.

Personalize your Superdense homepage with new favicons, branded elements, and a custom domain.
This compact bookmark manager also lets you showcase your portfolio, favorite tools, and websites.

You can even share bookmarks on your public Superdense page, complete with a custom bio and domain.

Set categories to private and protect sensitive bookmarks like SaaS tools, dev accounts, client sites, and CMS portals.

Public profile
Share bookmarks on your public profile or set categories to private for more sensitive links.
Best of all, you can keep your whole team organized and in sync with individual pages for bookmarks.

All you have to do is invite team members via email, so they can sign up for their own Superdense account.

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