SuperBuzz is an AI-powered marketing platform that lets you create, optimize, and manage push notification campaigns that boost website traffic.

Using GPT-3 technology, SuperBuzz can automatically generate personalized push notifications and engage visitors with natural-sounding messages.

You’ll be able to create and manage multiple marketing campaigns and target specific segments and URLs.

Whether you’re running an ecommerce site, blog, or news publication, you can use this tool on any website to turn traffic into clients.

Push notifications
Create and manage multiple push notification campaigns on any website.
Track the performance of your campaigns so you know exactly what’s clicking with your audience.

SuperBuzz’s AI analyzes billions of data points to determine how you can improve campaigns to maximize click-through rates.

Over time, the AI will learn about user behavior, performance, and online trends to deliver insights that can optimize your strategy.

Analytics dashboard
Track campaign performance and train SuperBuzz’s AI over time.
With SuperBuzz, you’ll be able to focus on business goals instead of bootstrapping every part of your marketing campaigns.

From unique visuals to engaging copy, you can use AI to create stunning campaign assets—no graphic design skills required.

You’ll be able to generate images, taglines, and website copy that grab visitors’ attention, call them to action, and get more clicks.

Campaign assets
SuperBuzz’s AI helps you generate polished campaign assets to wow your audience.
Best of all, you’ll be able to automatically run A/B tests and implement changes to optimize your campaign performance.

SuperBuzz can even adjust your campaigns based on performance insights over time, so you can keep up with competitors on autopilot.

And because you can apply website updates quickly, it’s easy to experiment with different elements to get better results.

Push notification
Automatically run A/B tests and implement website changes in a snap.
You don’t want your website’s push notifications to feel like texts from a clingy friend. (“I should get back to him… eventually.”)

That’s why SuperBuzz uses the power of AI to reach your target audience with personalized push notifications in the right place, at the right time.

Turn traffic into clicks.

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