STORI is an AI-driven content creation platform that lets you generate content for multiple channels to build a consistent brand identity.

STORI automatically suggests logos and colors that capture your brand’s vibe so you don’t waste time trying to decide on your own.

It’s easy to define your brand identity with an AI-generated mission, vision, and values that you can further edit to reflect your preferences.

And because this platform can analyze your target audience, segments, and personas, you’ll be able to define the overall message and tone of your content.

Brand guidelines
Define your brand guidelines including your identity, target audience, brand voice, and colors.
Not satisfied with your AI-generated brand identity? You can change the prompt and regenerate your branding until it’s perfect.

The AI can automatically generate images, pictures, and infographics for you, so you’re not stuck designing assets from scratch.

Best of all, STORI can quickly generate social media posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter).

AI-generated content
Whip up AI-generated images, layouts, slogans, and text without breaking a sweat.
STORI is able to generate content and copy for specific social media platforms, helping it resonate with different segments of your audience.

That means you can whip up professional posts for LinkedIn and cool, casual posts for Facebook or Instagram—all while sharing the same brand story.

Since you’ll be able to quickly create stunning visual content, you’ll have more time to analyze results and improve your marketing strategy.

Social media platform
Create social media posts designed for a specific social media platform in just a few clicks.
STORI also makes it easy to collaborate with team members and external contributors to come up with on-brand assets.

Use the content calendar to schedule and publish content to multiple social media accounts—without leaving the platform.

All you have to do is connect your social media accounts and your brand’s posts are sure to reach the right people.

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