StatsGlitch provides real-time, statistically significant alerts for your Google Analytics data, so you can grow your traffic and improve KPIs.

With StatsGlitch, you’ll never be the last to know about your traffic and KPIs when big things are happening.

StatsGlitch ensures that you’re always up-to-date, with alerts for Google Analytics tailored to your needs.

Dust off your Google Analytics page with standard statistical significance alerts that make you aware of your project traffic.

You can track common metrics like sessions, page views, and users, and receive a notification when any of these metrics fluctuate.

Lifetime Access to StatsGlitch
To get started, just connect your Google Account and set up your preferred type of alerts — StatsGlitch keeps an eye on your business metrics and generates alerts that are sent via email or webhooks.

You’ll also be able to track your goals and see how they vary throughout the week.

With Weekly Overview Reports, getting a rundown of your goal performance over the last seven days is easy and productive as pie.

There’s also the Report Branding feature, which allows you to change texts, upload a custom logo, specify a separate client email and reply-to address. (This feature is unlocked when you purchase 3 codes.)

Lifetime Access to StatsGlitch
Customize and choose the metrics you want to see like you’re at the fro-yo station, and then send your reports directly to clients!

You can conduct basic tracking for stuff like pageviews, sessions, and users, or get a little more complex with advanced metrics like Sessions Per User and Goal Completion.

For the seasoned analytics wiz, StatsGlitch allows you to create custom alerts based on your specific criteria for all your unique project needs.

Lifetime Access to StatsGlitch
Custom alerts are great for measuring things like the success of your email campaigns — StatsGlitch takes advantage of Google Analytics metrics and dimensions to notify you when you’ve hit your numeric goal.

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