StationDB’s no-code admin panel lets you connect to any database and manage records without writing a single query.

With StationDB, you can access a no-code admin panel that connects to any database using your credentials.

That means your team can manage data on a user-friendly interface and easily pull up records without writing any queries.

You’ll be able to create, edit, or delete any fields in your datasets and organize your records in just a few clicks.

Best of all, this tool is compatible with databases built in MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, or Microsoft SQL server.

StationDB lets you assign user permissions for individual team members, like the permission to read, create, update, or delete fields.

You can also define field-specific permissions to determine who can manipulate datasets based on user profiles.

Thanks to a secure platform and straightforward setup, you don’t need to be an expert to manage data like a pro.

Say goodbye to sifting through hundreds of data fields to find what you’re looking for—StationDB has got you covered!

Using ultra-specific filters, you’ll be able to search through multiple fields at once and instantly locate any type of data point.

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