Standuply is a full-featured digital scrum master for Slack that automates asynchronous stand-up meetings via text, voice, and video and tracks team performance.

Standuply gets everyone on the same page by collecting meeting answers asynchronously and automatically. No more scarfing down your lunch to make the meeting or waiting on the guy from Australia to begin, mate.

Kick things off by setting up meeting questions through Standuply’s clean interface and pick a schedule based on either a set time zone or each team member’s local time.

After your selected participants submit their responses, Standuply collects the results and delivers them through a Slack channel or DM, email, or Webhook.

Lifetime Access to Standuply
Information flows on your terms, whether you want to communicate team answers as separate messages or packed in a thread.
With pre-defined templates, Standuply makes it easy to run not only stand-ups but retrospective meetings, team surveys and polls, team mood checks, Planning Poker, backlog grooming, and so much more.

Planning Poker is a game-changing feature that allows you to connect Standuply to Trello (JIRA coming soon) so that your team can submit their task list estimations. With estimations being gathered automatically, you don’t need separate meetings to see when things will be done.

Miss me with that missed memo, too, because you can also send reminder messages to your team as one-time or recurring events.

Lifetime Access to Standuply
Standuply’s sleek database sparks joy and productivity, storing and organizing all messages like Marie Kondo.

You can sort by person, question, report, etc. so you never waste time on a bug someone already fixed.

Meanwhile, Standuply tracks your team’s performance with a JIRA Sprint burndown chart, project flow chart, and an analytics dashboard that dishes out dozens of useful metrics.

These transparent metrics keep stakeholders in the loop and help you define your team goals clearly so your team can hit milestone after milestone (Mission: Possible).

Lifetime Access to Standuply
Want to be heard loud and clear? Try the /voice or /video commands!

You’ll be able to record voice or video messages up to five minutes long, which Standuply then uploads as a private YouTube video for you to share.

This feature is super useful for remote members that might need picture in order to get the full picture.

And don’t worry about juggling tools, either — Standuply is ready to integrate with platforms like Trello, JIRA, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Google Analytics.

Lifetime Access to Standuply
Agile teams everywhere from companies like Slack, IBM, Adobe, eBay, and Intel use Standuply to meet on their own terms.

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