Speechki is a text-to-speech plugin that lets you connect to ChatGPT and transform any text into natural-sounding audio content.

Speechki is packed with next-level text-to-speech capabilities, so you can turn text into high-quality, lifelike audio in seconds.

You can convert unlimited text, or even record text directly from ChatGPT conversations with this plugin.

So instead of scrolling through paragraphs, your audience can listen to your engaging content on the go!

Text-to-speech generator
Enter your text or record it directly from ChatGPT to create high-quality audio content.
Choose from a diverse collection of realistic AI voices to find the right one for your project’s tone and audience.

Speechki offers over 600 voices in different accents and languages! They’re generated by AI but trained on real human voices for a lifelike audio experience.

Because the AI algorithm understands the nuances of human speech and adjusts the pacing accordingly, your audio output sounds as natural as possible.

AI speakers
Choose from over 600 AI voices in different accents and languages.
With Speechki, you can manage multiple text-to-speech projects from a centralized dashboard with a simple user interface.

Everything is organized and complete with project details, so it’s a cinch to jump back in and make changes to an old project.

And thanks to the visual editor, you’ll be able to adjust the speed, tone, and pitch of your audio until it’s perfect.

Project dashboard
Manage all your projects from one dashboard.
When you’re done, you can share your audio project online, either by downloading it or by using a link to a public project page.

Plus, you can turn your audio into a visual audiogram to share on social media platforms that aren’t audio-focused.

With this added visual element, you’ll be able to capture viewers’ attention and drive more engagement for your audio content.

Sharing options
Share your audio creations with the world.
You don’t need to have a voice for radio to get your audio content off the ground. (“No, I don’t have a frog in my throat. That’s just my voice.”)

Speechki instantly converts any text into high-quality audio, so you can do more with your content and connect with audiences on the go.

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