Sour Grapes is a Facebook comment moderator that auto-hides negative comments in real-time, helping you increase RoAS, page engagement, and brand equity.

With Sour Grapes, you’re pickin’ up good vibrations like The Beach Boys.

Manually deleting comments from the haterz is a chore.

Using real-time sentiment analysis, you’ll be able to auto-hide comments on your Facebook posts and ads that you don’t want your visitors to see. After all, first impressions matter.

Lifetime Access to Sour Grapes
When it comes to your Facebook ads, negative comments from trolls are as damaging to your brand as Yelp reviews about hair in sandwiches.

Sour Grapes helps you keep your conversions and grow your return on ad spend (RoAS) with 24/7 monitoring of your comment section.

In addition to Sour Grapes’ automatic sentiment analysis, you can create custom preset keyword lists for stuff like competitor names or more obscure terms (might want to do a few UrbanDictionary searches).

You can also create a whitelist for keywords you don’t want hidden away.

Don’t worry about dealing with complicated software, either — it’s super easy to connect your Facebook account to Sour Grapes whether you’re on mobile or desktop.

Lifetime Access to Sour Grapes
Sour Grape scans your Facebook account for the pages you run, so you can start flushing out potty mouths, scammers, and trolls instantly.

Plus, you’ll be able to access key analytics, post links, and read hidden comments right from one handy dashboard.

Lifetime Access to Sour Grapes
You can toggle whether you want Sour Grapes to analyze Facebook ads only or track Facebook posts as well.
E-commerce stores, social media managers, restaurants, and more use Sour Grapes to protect their brands and give themselves some peace of mind.

If you’ve been manually deleting bad comments, give your fingers a well-earned break.

Unlike other tools, Sour Grapes springs to action immediately, auto-hiding negative comments in real-time.

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