SocketLabs Cloud Email is a trusted email delivery solution for transactional messaging and marketing automation.

SocketLabs Cloud Email offers a unique combination of technology and expertise to deliver your marketing or transactional emails to your customers’ inbox—optimizing your success.

That’s because its intelligent traffic is built on billions of data points collected over 10 years.

With proprietary algorithms and real-time flow-control analysis that help them adapt to the email delivery rules of each mailbox provider, SocketLabs is a versatile solution.

It all begins in the Performance Dashboard, where you can get real-time delivery status notifications and track results.

Need step-by-step help? A dedicated team of experts is always a call (or chat) away.

Sending is only part of the equation in a successful outbound email program. What happens after you hit “send” is just as important.

The StreamScore™ analytics tool is a quick and easy way to monitor and control the success of your outbound email using a proprietary weighted scoring system.

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