is an all-in-one social media management solution that helps you simplify your social media with one convenient dashboard.

Managing social media can be a lot like herding cats that are hopped up on catnip.

With, you can simplify every aspect of managing social accounts—from creating and scheduling posts to reporting and performance analysis.

Using’s streamlined dashboard, you can easily switch between different brand accounts and see an overview of your calendar, scheduled posts, and analytics.

The approval process for scheduling social posts can get confusing quickly, especially if you’re working with a team. lets you send a post to an internal team or your clients to get approval and add comments to the post within the platform, so you’re never searching through 10 different email threads.

Once a post goes live and you start getting comments and responses, you can assign comments to members of your team to make sure you’re engaging with your followers.

These features make collaboration easier than ever—unlike those group projects you did in college.

Does managing a social media calendar make you want to call Marie Kondo?

Spark joy with the simple, colorful calendar interface which is color-coded to show the status of each post and lets you view all your scheduled content in one place.

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