Paldesk is a smart communication platform that helps you easily interact with customers across channels, optimize user journeys, and boost customer retention.

How much time does your team spend trying to respond to every customer inquiry coming at you from every direction?

Well, with Paldesk, you can connect all your platforms to answer emails, live chats, and social media messages from a single web-based dashboard.

Save customer conversations as tickets in the dashboard to get a quick overview of their status.

Prioritize, tag, and add notes to tickets to offer amazing, customer-centric support.

You’ll also be able to see statistics regarding the number of open and closed conversations, complete conversation history for all your chats, and weekly reports.

Your chat widget should match your brand.

Customize the chat widget to reflect your brand’s visual identity.

But your chat widget isn’t all looks, it’s smart too.

Automate your chat widget with predefined answers for the most frequent customer care scenarios.

Paldesk lets you build a knowledge base so you can provide support when customers need it most.

Going offline? Use Pal the Assistant, a user-friendly chatbot with a simple drag-and-drop builder.

Introduce new customer scenarios as they come along and improve flows to match your business needs.

Don’t lose leads in translation.

Communicate with customers in their native language with Paldesk’s powerful real-time two-way translation feature.

Paldesk can translate 45 languages!

Announce new promotions, deals, or product updates with the easily customizable pop-ups.

Create multiple announcements and switch between them with a single click.

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