Slideoo is an AI-powered slide deck builder that lets you create stunning presentations from scratch in just a few minutes.

Stop wasting time in PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Canva! With Slideoo, you can generate a full slide deck in minutes.

Creating a deck is a breeze—simply enter your purpose, industry, and tone and then review the auto-generated outline.

Choose from hundreds of expertly designed themes to make your content visually appealing in just one click.

Once you have generated a slide deck, you’ll be able to collaborate with team members and stakeholders to make edits and finalize your presentation.

AI Deck Generation
Create captivating slide decks on any topic in minutes with generative AI.
Convert blog posts, news stories, and other web pages into slides by pasting up to five URLs into Slideoo.

The AI will automatically review the content and select the most relevant information so you don’t have to worry about getting a slide deck that’s a mile long.

You can add these summarized slides to any presentation to give your audience more context about your topic.

URLs To Slides
Turn relevant webpages into digestible slides so you can beef up your presentations.
You can also upload files to Slideoo to transform lengthy PDF documents into eye-catching summarized slide decks.

The AI will analyze up to 200 pages of content, pull out the main points, and then organize those into a compelling presentation—saving you dozens of hours in the process.

Already have a deck you’ve poured hours into? Upload a PowerPoint file and edit it in Slideoo to polish it up.

PDFs to Slides
Turn long, detailed PDFs into super-engaging, summarized slide decks.
You can convert plain text into slides in seconds, which is super handy for adding info from notes, emails, or article snippets.

Don’t worry about formatting because the AI will automatically structure and organize your text into visually cohesive slides.

Plus, you’ll be able to embed media like audio clips and playable YouTube videos to spice up your presentations.

Text to Slides
Convert up to 1,000 words of plain text into gorgeous slides at the click of a button.
With a little help from AI, you can turn yawn-inducing slides into dynamic presentations. (“I finally understand that PowerPoint party trend.”)

Slideoo uses generative AI technology to help you whip up info-packed slide decks that captivate your audience in just a few clicks.

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