Slice Knowledge is an AI-powered tool that lets you build, edit, and export e-learning modules for any learning management system or website.

Slice Knowledge makes it easy to create your learning module—simply describe what you want to teach using a short phrase or detailed prompt.

From there, you’ll be able to generate a first draft complete with the outline, content, videos, and images.

Just like ChatGPT, this AI will answer questions or generate content with all the information required to really teach something.

AI course builder
Generate full-blown courses with outlines, content, and images using AI.
Slice Knowledge lets you customize professional project templates that keep your multimedia content organized.

Want to make your content stand out? Use content layouts to create cards, lists, tables, and conversations to boost engagement.

You’ll even be able to access ready-to-use text widgets to emphasize headings, body text, links, quotes, and captions.

Content layouts
Make your content more engaging with cards, lists, accordions, tables, and more.
You’ll be able to organize multimedia content with widgets like click-to-add images, galleries, carousels, sound clips, and video layouts.

Slice Knowledge lets you screen-record videos or add clickable hotspots to make every video more interactive.

Plus, you can add popular assessment tools with options like multiple choice, true or false, ratings, and open-ended questions.

Media widgets
Take advantage of media widgets for galleries, videos, and more!
This platform’s user interface is available in multiple languages including English, Hebrew, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Russian.

Even better, it can accommodate languages with double-byte characters like Japanese, Chinese, or Korean, as well as languages written from right to left like Farsi.

You’ll also be able to connect with over 200 apps and learning management systems like Blossom, Docebo, Moodle, and LMS365.

Multilingual support
Slice Knowledge supports multiple languages including Hebrew, French, and Farsi.
Teaching is hard enough without worrying about how you’ll build your online course. (“So I’ll lesson prep all day, take coding boot camp at night, and sleep…never?”)

Good thing Slice Knowledge’s AI quickly generates e-learning modules with your choice of multimedia and content layouts, so you can share your knowledge in a snap.

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