Sivi is a generative AI solution that turns prompts and content into high-quality visual designs in over 72 languages.

Sivi lets you generate original creative for display ads, banners, social media, YouTube, and business promotions.

You can include your own copy to explain product features, contact details, and slogans in the final design.

Plus, you’ll be able to embed branded image assets like product photography, logos, and icons to make the image uniquely yours.

Then you just need to add details about the design, like layout, color theme, and overall styling, and Sivi’s generative AI will work its magic.

AI design generator
Generate unique visuals for display ads, banners, social media, YouTube, and product promotions.
Best of all, Sivi will always create multiple design variations from every content or prompt, so you can choose the ones that work for your business.

This smart AI will eventually learn your brand so well that it’ll pump out graphics that seem tailor-made for your brand.

And just like other design tools, you’ll be able to customize and download anything you like, as many times as you need to.

Multiple design variations
You’ll always get multiple design variations from every content.
Upload your own brand kit to generate visuals that are perfectly aligned with your corporate or personal identity.

You’ll be able to add the brand colors, fonts, and image assets that you need Sivi to incorporate into every design.

That means you can get unique variations for your content marketing instead of retrofitting random design templates.

Brand kit
Upload a brand kit to generate designs that align with your brand identity.
Unlike other generative AI tools, Sivi makes it easy to edit your generated designs via a user-friendly editor.

You’ll be able to move, change, delete, and add new components to your designs because every element exists in a separate layer.

Adjust sliders in “Creative Mode” to quickly change the look and feel of your designs. This is perfect for all the non-designers out there!

Design editor
Easily tweak all your new designs using the Canva-like editor.
It’s hard to maintain your brand identity when your assets look like run-of-the-mill stock images. (“I think I’ve seen this before—on Pinterest.”)

Good thing you’ve got access to Sivi’s generative AI to create totally original visuals for display ads, YouTube thumbnails, and so much more!

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