SimpleX is an AI-powered smart console that helps you quickly analyze and sort text data, without coding.

SimpleX uses semantic AI to search, filter, sort, and compare hundreds of text answers in an instant.

Import text data from any spreadsheet in fast mode, or with the help of a user-friendly step-by-step assistant.

It’s easy to connect to hundreds of apps using the Zapier and Google integrations, which let you access data from customer feedback and surveys.

Best of all, this console can process text data in 50 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and all European languages!

SimpleX lets you automatically tag your data with keywords, sentiment analysis, and originality scores.

Add custom tags to improve search or filter capabilities and get the information you need fast and easy.

You’ll be able to extract relevant insights effortlessly, whether you’re sorting employee feedback, identifying frequently used keywords, or finding duplicate quotes.

Plus, you can import team posts from meetings and white-boarding tools to keep track of key findings and takeaways.

Unlike standard spreadsheet tools, SimpleX uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) so you can search through text data based on meaning.

Just pick one answer and the platform will display the most similar survey answers, even if they’re written in different words or languages.

You’ll also be able to sort responses into custom topics and get suggestions for more relevant answers and topics.

And once the work starts piling up, SimpleX can even pick up the slack and group the remaining responses based on what you’ve done so far.

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