SendNow is a cold email outreach tool with features for enhanced deliverability and cold email automation.

Connect up to 100 different emails to spread your sending volume between inboxes and improve deliverability.

SendNow lets you view all your emails from a unified inbox, so you can manage campaigns between multiple accounts without any headaches.

You’ll be able to automate email sequences, putting cold outreach campaigns and lead nurturing on autopilot.

That way, you can scale campaigns without hitting sending limits and increase your chances of standing out in an inbox.

Email sender accounts
Send emails from multiple accounts to manage your sending volume.
SendNow lets you store an unlimited number of contacts with complete historical data for each one. That means you’ll never have to delete or lose track of a contact.

The contacts dashboard gives you a quick glance at which campaigns contacts have been a part of and how they’ve engaged with your emails.

You can filter contacts by verification status along with emails sent, replies, unsubscribes, and custom tags.

Throughout your campaigns, you’ll be able to A/B test emails and track deliverability to see what’s clicking with your audience.

Email contacts dashboard
Store unlimited contacts and see how they’ve engaged with your campaigns.
This tool makes it easy to invite unlimited collaborators in each workspace and assign them custom roles, status, and permissions.

Create separate workspaces for each client with complete data isolation to keep your work organized and secure between projects.

With each workspace siloed, you can manage all your work from one platform without worrying about clutter or sensitive data being shared.

Email workspace
Add unlimited collaborators to dedicated workspaces.
Real-time inbox rotation gives you full control of your sending volume so you can avoid email delivery issues and spam folders.

SendNow automatically attempts to reconnect email accounts that disconnect and move up your campaign sequences.

You’ll get notified immediately if any inboxes fail to send or sync. No need to worry about disconnecting for long periods of time!

You can even use the email validator tool to verify contacts and improve your email list quality.

Email account statuses
Automatically reconnect any disconnected email accounts.
Cold email outreach feels so much better when you know they’re actually being read. (“When I say ‘Best wishes,’ this is what I’m wishing for.”)

SendNow helps you improve email deliverability and automate cold outreach campaigns to get your message in front of the right people.

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