SAM is the first network-powered relationship and introduction management platform built on conversational AI.

SAM unleashes the hidden power of your inbox with next gen relationship management and outreach capabilities fully powered by people in your network.

The platform analyzes your email contacts, giving you access to all the deets, like who’s a parent, who loves travel, and who was this close to winning the 2014 March Madness bracket.

No matter who they are, SAM helps you build stronger connections with the people you already know.

It gathers intel on all your contacts, collecting multiple touchpoints, company details, and affinity data.

With SAM, you can seamlessly search based on title, industry, and other regularly refreshed affinity data — that way, you’ll know who you know better than ever.

Check out each contact’s relationship strength in your network, and then find intros and referrals based on that relationship strength.

SAM also helps you get introductions to new accounts, deals, candidates, and people you’d like to meet.

Literally a single connection in your SAM network can give you hundreds of intros to new contacts.

That’s not all. SAM is the only network-powered CRM with fully voice-activated conversational AI.

Faster than any other tool on the market, SAM will save you hours each month on data entry.

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