SalezShark is a smart customer relationship management platform equipped with sales and marketing automation features for maximum productivity.

Automate your marketing with professional email campaigns.

SalezShark will help you create and schedule emails to build prospects and open the door for future business deals.

You’ll be able to see exactly how well your campaign is doing with sharp analytics, allowing you to pivot and improve your outcomes.

Email lists are easily managed with automated bounce and unsubscribe features, as well as the ability to curate the list yourself (weed out the trolls and high school grudges).

Sales automation will streamline how you interact with the leads and data you collect.

Use SalezShark to easily handle the manual tasks, like invoicing, task management, and sales tracking.

Lead management lets you consolidate all of the information relating to your potential clients in one place, so you won’t need to switch platforms to find and update contacts.

SalezShark even offers sales forecasting to combine your business data into predicted revenue and help you make informed decisions down the line.

Plus, SalezShark combines all of your leads across platforms.

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