Robofy has one of the finest crawler that automagically pulls your content and provides you with a gorgeous looking chat widget.

Automatic Chatbot builder

No need to start from scratch. Just confirm your URLs or your WordPress Blog Posts, Pages, and Product details to build a chatbot within minutes.

Tailored to Perfection Chatbot Widget

Ensure your AI chatbot is the best looking widget on your website with our advanced customizations. Update it to reflect your website’s aesthetics and resonate with your brand hues.

Quick Questions

Simplify customer interactions by pre-set quick questions, allowing your chatbot to promptly address frequently asked questions.

We offer multi channel integration.
Robofy’s chatbot is your first line of defense, always ready to resolve customer queries in real-time. But what about those visitors who lean towards another ways to connect with you? Rest assured, we’ve got that angle covered too.


Give option to your visitors to email you so that you can contact them later on.


Grab customer phone numbers by asking them to reach out via WhatsApp.


Give option to provide phone number to your visitors to call them back.

FB Messenger

Connect Robofy with your Facebook to make it easier for potential customers to contact you.


Allow user to book a demo or meeting via Calendly or Google Meet.

Become a Robofy reseller and dive into profits today.
Are you a small business or an entrepreneur looking to increase your revenue?

Check out Robofy’s reselling plan and open doors to new avenues. Whether you’re pitching Robofy straight to enterprises or showcasing it on your digital storefront, the floor is yours.

Total White Labeling Solution

Resell AI Chatbot with you own unique logo and brand identity. It’s all about you.

Cloud-based Solutions

Even for our white-label plans, we shoulder the hosting burden. You? Just zero in on those sales.

Stellar Customer Service

Our devoted squad stands ready to address any customer service issues that you have.

Dictate Your Price Point

Hold the reins on your pricing strategy. Absolute freedom, zero caveats.

Uncover the potential of Robofy AI Chatbot.
Implement it for automated support on your WordPress website, effortlessly handling routine queries while allowing your human team to focus on complex issues.

If you’re running a WooCommerce-based digital store, Robofy can guide customers through their entire journey, from discovering products to completing purchases, and even offering personalized product suggestions along the way.

Organizing events? Robofy excels in managing registrations, sharing event details, and addressing attendee inquiries, thereby enhancing the overall event experience.

Moreover, Robofy isn’t just about chat; it’s a valuable resource that can collect essential contact information and provide insightful product details, transforming curious visitors into potential leads.

For staying updated with real-time product information, including pricing, Robofy is your go-to solution, helping you optimize inventory management and boost sales performance

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