ResponseSuite puts your audience segmentation on autopilot, with easy-to-use surveys, smart thank you redirects, and dozens of integrations.

How can you understand what your customers want? …By asking them!

ResponseSuite is a simple no-code drag-and-drop survey builder that has high-power survey features that pack a punch.

You can configure surveys using templates or customize your own with 14+ different answer types.

You can also use conditional skip logic, assign scores to individual answers, and brand survey page elements with your colors, logos, and images.

Oh, and answer redaction allows you to mark answers as “sensitive” to hide data from support staff.

Build fun quizzes and/or use scoring to gamify lead generation.

Embed surveys on your website with one line of code or customize how your URL will appear on social.

When the survey is done, you can serve each person the perfect message or offer based on their survey choices.

Options include showing an on-page message, redirecting to a URL of your choice, or displaying a smart thank you page that you can build inside ResponseSuite.

Automatically segment each person based on every single choice they make in the survey by integrating ResponseSuite with your email service provider and Facebook Pixel.

Add survey responders into specific email lists through deep tag integration with your ESP of choice.

Even kick off automated email campaigns—all based on their answers and survey scores.

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