From 2017 to 2019 we painstakingly edited thousands of podcasts manually, hour after hour. It was painful. The worst part? It often takes a professional audio engineer 3 hours to edit a 1 hour podcast. And if you don’t have as much experience, it could take even longer.

In 2019 we finally said enough was enough. We started an in-house project at our first company to automate podcast editing with AI.

Fast forward to 2023, and Resound is now opening up this AI-powered audio editor to the world, so anyone can use it.

Now let’s dive into all the things you can do with Resound.

Easily remove any unwanted moments from your audio.
Automatically detect filler sounds (ums and ahs) using machine learning models trained specifically for podcast editing. Resound makes the suggestions, and you make decisions. Review each edit one-by-one or cut all edits in one click.

Automatically detect long and boring silences. Fine-tune the pace of your show to keep listeners engaged and cut out awkwardly long pauses in your audio.

Editing your content is simple with Resound.
Make your own edits with a right-click and drag. Trim audio as you see fit to cut out bloopers, boring segments, and guest-requested edits.

Mix and master audio in one click with Enhance. Remove background noise, adjust the levels, equalize, and master your audio to digital streaming standards.
All of your audio export needs are covered.
Export your favorite file formats. Export MP3 for publishing, WAV for highest quality, or AAF for editing in Logic or Pro Tools. For multitrack projects you can export a merged master track or individual tracks.
Stop spending hundreds of hours manually editing your podcast.

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