Replybutton is a reply-focused email outreach tool that allows you to embed reply buttons, polls, and surveys in your emails.

Trying to get replies to your sales emails is like trying to get your niece to listen to anything besides “Baby Shark” (Doo doo doo doo doo doo.)

Leads and customers are more likely to reply to your email if you make it as quick, easy, and pain-free as possible.

Replybutton introduces one-click responses to your sales emails to encourage readers to take action.

Trying to decide whether leads and customers are interested in your product or service doesn’t have to be a guessing game. (They love me…they love me not.)

Send personalized sales emails with one-click reply buttons.
If that’s not easy enough, Replybutton’s auto-reply feature lets you send personalized smart auto-replies based on the recipient’s response.

You can create customized replies to each of the button responses and set a wait time for automated responses to be sent after you got a response.

For instance, if the recipient replies “I’m interested,” they’ll get a response asking which plans or services they’re interested in.

Auto-replies help you boost productivity and save time while ensuring that each of your responses has an instant follow-up.

Set up a personalized auto-reply to save time responding to your replies.
Surveys and polls are a great way to learn more about what your leads and customers want.

However, most people just don’t want to take the time to click on a survey link, especially if it redirects them from their current page. (New window, who dis?)

Replybutton solves this problem by allowing you to embed polls and surveys directly into your emails, so readers can respond without leaving their inbox.

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