RepliQ is a video creation tool lets you automatically generate thousands of personalized outreach videos to boost response rates.

RepliQ makes it easy to create videos personalized for every prospect. Simply upload your source video or record it directly on the platform.

You can display websites, social media profiles, ChatGPT prompts, or job listings to instantly capture their attention.

Plus, you’ll be able to embed your videos in emails or LinkedIn messages to streamline your outreach process.

Embed video
Embed personalized outreach videos in your emails or LinkedIn messages.
With this tool, you can feature any background in your intro, including real-time Google keyword search results.

Set up a small bubble overlay for cold pitches, or share your screen to demo software and share your sales deck.

After that, you can bring focus back on your proposal and showcase your website, use cases, and testimonials.

RepliQ even lets you generate ChatGPT responses based on custom prompts to plug into your video background.

Video backgrounds
Feature your prospect’s website or social media profile in your video’s background.
Before you hit send, you’ll be able to customize the design, add the recipient’s information, and preview the finished product.

The point-and-click editor let you switch between video backgrounds and screen share presentations.

Plus, you can add custom CTA buttons that redirect leads to landing pages, booking pages, and opt-in forms.

Customize video
Add CTA buttons and customize the branding before hitting send!
Best of all, you can integrate RepliQ with your go-to outreach tool, including SalesFlow, QuickMail, and Mixmax.

After RepliQ processes your lead data, you’ll get a file containing dynamic video links and embed codes.

And because you can access all your personalized videos from the main dashboard, you’ll have everything you need in one place, right at your fingertips.

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